Disambiguation pages

Due to the fact that certain characters are bound to be featured in multiple fan fiction stories, with different character traits and backstories, I have added a disambiguation template and an about template.

How is this meant to be used:

  • Pages for Characters from the Snafu Comics are always created as "Pagename" (name fan fiction), no exceptions. For these characters a disambiguation page has to be created (this isn't the mandatory duty of the person who introduced the character but it would be appreciated if you did), with as page name, the name of the character. Example: Blossom
  • Pages for Pop culture characters can be add, with as page name, the name of the character. The moment someone else started using the character as well, the name will be changed to "Pagename" (name fan fiction) and a disambiguation page has to be created (the same as above applies).

In order to inform people they are on the right page or have to go to the disambiguation page, add an About template at the top of the page, and fill in the details. If you want to see how to fill in the details, take a look at the source code of Blossom (PPGΩ).

I was thinking of using tabs, but that would overcomplicated things (and probably force me to alter the template once in a while). Disambiguation pages it is.

PS: For convenient sake I have put the disambiguation pages in the wiki navigation. That way, we don't have 30 Blossom's when you press main characters...