When writing a story, especially a fan fiction crossover, it is likely that no everyone will agree with your ideas, your decisions and what you do with your characters. Actually, this is the very reason I wrote the fan fiction story Powerpuff Girls Ω, was because I had small problems with certain ideas from Powerpuff Girls D as well because I felt that the writers missed certain opportunities.

In this blog, I want to explain why I took certain artistic decisions, both plot wise as character wise, in the fan fictions I don't ask you to agree with my decisions, but I do want you to understand why I took these decisions, I want to give you inside in why I took a decision. If you have a question that I didn't answer, feel free to ask, I will answer it here.

Powerpuff Girls Ω

Chapter 1

The Omega Event: The Omega Event is a catalyst in my story. One of the problems I had with PPGD is that the crossover set-up is a bit forced. All the characters in Megaville, lived somewhere else in their shows. Why did they all move to Megaville? It is a bit too convenient without a catalyst. And if you want to move people from all over a country to one place, you have to give them a reason. A cataclysmic event was the easiest way.

Omega's Death Toll: It was meant to be an apocalyptic event that rendered its cities uninhabitable. But city destruction is more believable when people have also died in it. In real life, there is no miraclious saving. The reason the class of PPG died, is to make things more personal and create a trauma. This trauma is an important part of their character development.

Name-dropping: I introduced plenty of characters whose roles are minor or cameo in the story. These aren't simple throwaway characters however, they have either a purpose in the story itself for the development of other characters or are used for setting up the universe of the story. Every cameo is also hints of what characters might come later. It will play a role in future (or past events)

Eddy's backstory: Eddy is a jerk and a bully but why is he this way? I wanted to give him a realistic backstory and make him more sympathetic. It also helps me to allude to future events (and yes, they have to with Dexter).

No page for Al-Khali... yet: I have decided to wait with the creation of the Al-Khali page, to prevent spoilers for future events. Its origin would spoil the revelations made in the first chapter of Grim Tales: From The Other Side: A Grim Past. Which will be written after Powerpuff Girls Ω's fifth chapter: To end the Madness and before sixth chapter: Anubis' Court

Chapter 2

El Tigre: a Villain? Tragedy affects everyone differently and I wanted to have a hero that didn't recover from the incident. This is a common trope in superhero stories, a hero turning villain after a certain event. It increases the shock because we know this characters as heroes. Since that often comes across as forced. But with El Tigre, we already had a conflicted character. One good push and the character would become a villain. The fact that he wasn't an american, was a bonus. (The Omega Event only occured in the US and part of Mexico, because the forces behind it wanted it that way).

Chapter 3

Dee Dee's death: This is probably one of the controversial events in the comics, yet I have decided to keep it in my story. I have altered it a bit to give Blossom's action a better purpose in the story. The main reason I kept this in the story, is because it leads to drama and allows me to do more with Dee Dee's character than I could when she was a human. Yes, she will play an important part in the series and will be a recurring character.

Dexter's involvement in the Cambion Project: It adds an extra burden to Dexter's legacy and allows me to give someone reliable a reason to hate Dexter and tell Blossom to be careful with him.

Chapter 4

Why did Grim treat Mandark so cruel: It was a callback to Grim's dark nature and dark humor. As will be revealed in later stories, Grim doesn't like it when people try to cheat him. And seeing how Mandark was temporary Unreapable (seeing how I still needed him), it made the most sense. I also wanted to create a scenario where Mandark would be believed to be death, until his reveal, an autopsy was the most conclusive way.

Jason's Massacre: Another portayal of the Mandark's madness, a fine way to demonstrate Jack's capabilities and introduce him to Buttercup as well as the perfect way to introduce regenerators, which might play role in future arcs.

Chapter 5

Mandark's final fate: I needed him dead for next arc.

Evil's Coop's death: Another teleportation of the character would feel weak, a simple defeat too simple for such an interesting and evil character. I imagine that he would come prepare to die when confronting Coop again and since I don't need him for future arcs, he went. Coop killing him was to show that even heroes have to make tough choices. This choice will play an important role in a later arc however.

What's with Dexter? Wait and see, this will be revealed in the future arcs... 

Grim Tales: From The Other Side

Chapter 1

Religious characters: In Grim Tales: From The Other Side, and onwards, some religious characters will appear, like God and Lucifer, in the first chapter. The representation of this characters are meant to be purely fictious, only meant to fit in the story. I did take the necessary liberties in creating these characters and don't stroke with my own religious views (or rather lack there off). If you find any of these things offensive, please remember, these are just names and this is a fictious story. And no, I'm not planning on chancing something nor stop anyone from writing similar stories...

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